Paper Fox Studios: noun. a team of visual storytellers led by me, Kien. We are based in Los Angeles, CA but shoot anywhere in the world (we’ve shot in New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Hawaii, LA, NY, Chicago, and Vermont to name a few). If you are looking for someone to capture the special and often ‘blink and it’s gone’ moments, that’s what we do. That’s my style and my team has been built around finding talented people who can do the same. When the day has come and passed, and memories are all that remain (along with perhaps a tier of cake), we want to help bolster and reinforce those memories with the ones you might have even forgotten about or weren’t even aware happened. To us, every wedding is unique, and there is no one formula to documents these stories. We create with fresh eyes, drawn from years of experience shooting weddings as well as styles we employ in adventure, commercial and travel photography. For us, it’s all about the story. Let us capture yours. 
Storytelling: noun. the craft of taking a series of moments and borrowing a place in the reader’s mind for it to expand, thread together, and form a narrative of all the instances in between. A good story will remain with the reader as a guide through their own memories and remind them of everything yet to be written.
Timeless: adjective. to be unaffected by the passage of time. To be without beginning or end. To achieve timelessness, something needs to endure and transcend beyond the limits of the one’s lifetime, which is only but a small instance in the grander scheme. A single moment can stop time and in doing so, become timeless. 
Movement: noun. an act of changing physical location or position. To flow between spaces and time. We move and we can be moved, buoyed by forces around us. Each time we move, we change in some small way and we learn to see things just a little differently. 
Connection: noun. a relationship between people, objects, and events. When two people are connected, there is an tether that is bound across any distance. A true connection makes two people feel like an extension of the other and can be hard to explain. But sometimes you just know. 
Possibility: noun. the fact that something might exist or happen. The idea that something yet to be seen or created can be brought into existence is the promise behind possibility. When you are refuse to accept the word ‘limit’, you are unhindered to go beyond what others consider possible. 
Light: noun. a form of energy that illuminates, without which objects cannot be seen or captured. For a photographer, light is both tool and palette, used to find the balance and contrast in a scene between a subject and everything that is moving around said subject . Light also travels at a speed of 186,262 miles per second. That’s very fast.