Alert re: Telephone Fraud for North American Customers

  • Dear Customers,

    We recently have become aware that a number of our customers in Canada and the United States have received calls purporting to be from SF's employees. The caller illegally copied (or “spoofed”) SF International's US customer hotline number so that the calls appeared to be coming from SF. The caller requested personal information from the customers by phone or SMS by claiming that a shipment was to be delivered to the customer or a shipment for the customer was detained.

    To prevent any potential deception, we urge customers and the public to keep the following points in mind:

    • Please be advised that SF fully respects the privacy of our customers and strictly abides by all applicable laws and regulations on personal information protection. SF Customer Service will NOT ask for your personal information or password.
    • SF Customer Service will NOT communicate with customers in pre-recorded voice messages, nor will forward the call to any law enforcement agencies.
    • To confirm the validity of the waybill information or shipment status, customers can visit our official website at, download the mobile app SF INTERNATIONAL, or call our Customer Hotlines at 855-901-1133 (US) 289-203-2630 (Canada).


    If you received any suspicious calls or SMS messages, please DO NOT respond to any of them. Do not provide your personal information and passwords through hyperlinks from unknown sources, or conduct money transfers and remittances.

    If customers are uncertain about SMS messages or incoming calls, we recommend contacting our Customer Hotlines for verification. In case of suspected disclosure of personal data to unauthorized parties, please report to the police immediately.


    Thank you for your attention to this important matter!


    SF International/ KEX Express (US)