How to drop off your package to SF partner locations

Prepare Dropoff Label

US/Canada Personal Shipping Dropoff:

  1.      Login/register on US/Canada Personal Online Order Website.
  2.      Choose your desired drop-off location while placing a new order.
  3.      Print the First mile label provided to you. Carefully attach this label to the exterior of the package and place the SF waybill inside the package. Once the packing process is complete, please drop it off at the selected SF partner store.

Credit Account/ Enterprise Customer Dropoff:

  1.      Currently, the Dropoff Service to partner locations is limited to the Credit Account/ Enterprise Customer in the United States.
  2.      Customers would need to contact the account manager to discuss the requirements and activate this value-added service on the ordering system (IUOP).


Prepare Shipment

  1.      To ensure a secure delivery process and to prevent your shipment from being damaged or lost, packaging principles can help you to understand the importance of appropriate packaging and to improve your packaging quality to effectively decrease the possibility of damage.
  2.      Ensure that your shipping items and packaging comply with the relevant laws and regulations. Click here to check Prohibited Items and Customs Clearance Notices(To China Mainland only)