I started with photography, but grew to really love and embrace the short film format. When clients first asked if I shot wedding films as well, I regretfully turned them down. At the time, I was only making travel films and shooting stories for brands. When a few of my past clients weren’t happy with their wedding video, I understood why. To me, they felt formulaic and random.  Taking from my experience shooting adventure, travel and documentary short films, I decided to bring this style of films over to capturing a wedding day. This is not some cut and paste same day edit wedding video that can somehow be put together in less than an hour.

One second at a time

Our short films are carefully put together one second at a time so that the music and footage can together become greater than the sum of its parts. Color grading is incredibly important and when done right, you wouldn’t notice it. Everything just feels consistent and has a cinematic feel. This is a laborious process over the sheer number of clips we used in a short film, but it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll love your film and it will bring back all the best memories of your wedding day. 

This is a short couples film we shot for Lydia and Raj. For this wedding, we flew out to Vermont to shoot at one of the properties owned by Raj’s family. We were hired to shoot photographs, but the couple added on a short couples film that focused just on moments between the bride and groom. This is a great option for clients who want something in the film format to remember the day, without going the full videography route. 

For Barbara and Chris’s wedding, we flew to the seaside town of Altafulla, Spain just an hour south of Barcelona where the couple lives. Our short film for the couple was split into two parts. The first one (this film), focuses just on the moments of the bride and groom. It’s put to one of my favorite cover of Elvis’ classic, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, and really matched the feeling of love and affection shared between Barbara and Chris. 

This is the second part of Barbara and Chris’ wedding day short film and is a highlight coverage of their whole day. We really focused on getting scenes of their friends and family to go alone with the best moments of their day. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot in the picturesque town of Altafulla at the Montserrat Castle where they got married. The castle and grounds rises high above the beach below and provided a perfect backdrop for this celebration.

This is a full wedding short film we shot for Theresa and Toland in San Francisco, CA. We split the video up into two parts with two separate songs. The first focused on the first part of the day starting with their getting ready, Chinese door games, and tea ceremony, ultimately ending with the ceremony. The second half uses a more upbeat song to highlight the celebration and fun that marked the rest of the day. The couple made their reception a lot more light-hearted with a Star Wars themed wedding party entrance and continued using their light-sabers to dance into the night. 

This is the couple’s short film we shot for Fannie and Ben in San Francisco, CA. In lieu of a first dance, the couple decided to do a piano duet to one of their favorite songs, “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds. I thought it was just perfect to go along with some of the moments we captured between their morning preparations through the ceremony. 

Let’s create something together.

Let us turn your memories in a short film that you can watch again and again and again. Because that’s what we do. We don’t just throw clips together. We start with the music and meticulously sync clips to create a flow and order to things. We do this second by second so that the footage and music elevate each other. This is not your parent’s photo slide show put on top of an 80’s ballad, although if that’s your thing, we’ll make sure its done right. Shoot us a message and let’s get started.