6 thoughts on “David and Daphne”

  1. Nik Bucci says:

    Really stunning work. Love it. Inspiring 🥂

    1. admin says:

      Thanks Nik! I appreciate it.

  2. Jackie mohr says:

    Absolutely stunning. You were not evasive but able to capture the intimacy of the day, the moments and the story of the special day

  3. A quite refreshing set of pictures or rather memories. It is not so often that I am able to view photographs for their feeling and emotion since I’m a ‘photographer myself. As photographers, we tend to look at technicality. But it never struck me about anything else since ironically you used a single lens to shoot the entire set, I was never detached from looking at them as stories. More than everything, I can genuinely see the characters of the people from your photographs. Beautiful and Inspiring.

  4. I myself am a wedding photographer and I often look towards other images for a sense of inspiration and refreshment of ideas. This photo set here is very rare, as stated by the other comments above, your photos convey feelings as well as being perfectly composed. This is much different to what I’m used to seeing and I must say I’m in love with your work. Look forward to seeing more!

  5. ayazay says:

    Beautiful people, lovely pictures.
    Thanks for sharing these. They are really inspiring for someone who’d rather focus on storytelling than taking tons of pictures just to meet the briefing.

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